Ordering Made Easy

Passbuy allows restaurant visitors to order and pay through their phone. It works just as well as a stand alone system as it does integrated with your POS.

Reduce friction, increase sales

Increased Throughput

Minimise waiting and maximise turnover.

Easy to Implement

We’ll get you started within a week.

We love integrations

Whether it’s your bookkeeping or POS  - we’ll plug straight in.*

Lots of payment options

Passbuy offers a wide range of payment methods: Apple Pay, Swish, Mastercard, Visa, etc.

* If we don’t currently support the system of your choice, we’re happy to add it.

A 21st Century Restaurant Experience

Different restaurants have different needs - Passbuy gives you the flexibility you need.

Order & Pay
Tab Pick Up
Digital and printed tickets available
Integration partners
Pluto Systems
ES Kassa
Sitoo POS
ES Kassa
Sitoo POS
Onslip POS

Adapt the customer experience

We provide the tools you need to optimise your customers’ experience - right from your phone.

Your guests just can't get enough of the latest addition to your menu? Move it up top! Get real time data on the choices your customers make and adapt your menu instantly.


passbuy at

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Passbuy at

Restaurang Drama

Cinema the way it should be

“Passbuy has enabled us to sell more and our customers like it a lot. Before there was a lot of hassle if you realised in the middle of the film that you were hungry so most people wouldn’t bother - now it’s super easy”
Ivette, Restaurant Manager at Drama

Passbuy at

Bar burger Café

Over 50% adoption

“When Passbuy came and demoed their solution I knew right away that this was for us and I was correct. The customers love it and we’re selling more. We’ve never been able to deliver as quickly as we have now. I would warmly recommend Passbuy to other restaurateurs.”‍
Abbe, Restaurant Manager at Bar Burger

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