About us

Passbuy is about freedom. Time is limited and we believe one should be able to spend time on things that matter.
By making everyday life a little more convenient & delightful we hope to do just that. It should be easy to make the right choice and we believe Passbuy can help people make better purchasing decisions and thus help make the world more sustainable.
It’s your time.
It’s just not good enough.
We're doing this for you, for us, because the way shopping works today is just not good enough. We've designed an experience that is all about making it easier. There are a lot of small mundane things that we do over and over. These add up and by solving them we are freeing up your time.

How would a checkout be designed if it was built today?

Today, it is perhaps difficult to get excited by plastic cards, card terminals or paper receipts. But in a world that only had cash, long wait times and hand written receipts it was a revolution. Fast forward a few decades - do we really need plastic cards when most people prefer to use their phone? Definitively not. Do we really need checkout counters, receipts machines, card terminals? Not really.

That is why we designed a checkout with the consumer is in control, free from plastic and paper which helps you make the right choices. We'll hope you'll like it.

Take control, be who you want.

We’re currently looking for talented people

Are you looking for a new career in a fast growing startup? We're just at the beginning of our journey and we're always looking for talented people to join our rapidly growing team.

E-mail us at career@passbuy.com